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Singing4Health and Wellbeing

Singing activity that is focused on  Welbeing and Health

You may enjoy singing because it is always fun, but if you are looking for a creative group singing activity that is focused in your own wellbeing, this is for you.


Join me in workshops where you will be able to learn a combination of breathing techniques, sound production and care of your vocal folds and the muscles involved in voice production, combined with voice meditation.


You will improvise in a group. It’s easier of what it seems!


It is about you feeling good in your body and enjoying the sound of your voice, and the voice of the others around you. Through the vocal process we get a great opportunity for knowing ourselves better and getting in touch with our physical sensations and emotions.


Coming together to sing with others can help you develop your listening and communication skills, your creativity and make you feel that you are an essential part of an organic whole as you collaborate with others in making music.

Mindful Singing

Take your voice home

If Mindfulness is is about observation without criticism and focusing in the observation of emotions and physical sensations, Mindful  Singing is about how observing and feeling how your voice feels in your body and mind.

You already know how much singing can improve wellbeing and health, but might want to participate in a singing activity with an approach that is closer to meditation and self exploration.


Experience a meditative side of vocal practice in these sessions.

Sessions contain breathing exercises, sound meditation, chanting, massage with your voice vibration, and Primal Singing Integrative TM… leaving behind competitiveness and performance-related stress,  so that you can relax, let your voice go and enjoy the process.

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Students Chatting

Speak out and set boundaries

For individuals or specific professional collectives (teachers, healthcare etc)

If you have ever felt threatened, challenged or harassed, and where not sure on what to say about it, or you have experienced micro-aggressions, either in your work or family environment, you will know not only how bad that feels but how that has a negative impact in your mental or physical health. Research has shown that people who are exposed to hostile language have a bigger incidence of disease, more risk of accidents and longer recovery time.


Speak out and set boundaries gives you the fundaments of verbal self-defense, accompanied by body-mind communication tools, so you not only learn to placate verbal attacks on you, but also gives  tools for you to teach others how to treat you better.


We sometimes don't know what to say and how to react to these aggresions because we never got trained in how to do this. You can discover  and practice how your deliberate actions and words can restore difficult communication and create balance and peace in yourself and others.

You will learn techniques on how to defend yourself verbally from bullying and aggressive communicators.


Being able to find your words and use the verbal force of the aggressor to gain some time, can be essential, and will promote your self confidence and being able to inspire more trust and respect from others.

Embodied Communication

Your voice connected to your body and interacting with others with confidence

This workshop is recommended if you feel like you would want to communicate more effectively with others, you have to speak in public, present products and inspiring ideas and you want to develop your personal way to make a genuine contact with others.


You will practice and enhance your personal communication style having in mind who you are, so that you don’t simply get a set of tips and tools that can make you feel like you are not fully yourself, but yourself adopting ‘techniques’


In order to communicate more effectively you want to feel and connect to your body, to work from your authentic self. Your voice is a hinge, a tool to connect needs and aims to physical sensations. When you are blocked, your voice reflects this in its tone and manierisms, and the freer you feel the more your voice flows.


Working from your within and your unique qualities with vocal activities, breathing and movement in a very practical workshop that aims to make you even more at ease with yourself as you get your message across.

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