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Zoom Mindful Singing Workshops

Are you worried that a group singing workshop online might not work well because all voices are not being synchonized and you can't make them all sound together? I was !

For this reason I was not offering online Singing workshop until finally I can say I have found my way to do them and make them work.

My Zoom Mindful Singing Workshops contain excersises that combine breathing, movement and singing songs that don't require synchronization.

The do contain Primal Singing Integrative, activity to which I have decicated many years of my life to develop. Voices are set free to mildly improvise over different themes, ideas, emotions or body parts. I write songs that don't need synchronization to work! And that was what made my recent workshop for the RA MA Institute special, we where making them with what we had, and using the circumstances and resources we have. We won't be able to sing at the exact time, but it won't matter at all, we will integrate into the resulting group sound whatever is happening between and inside us, and we make it the most powerful because of it.

The positives of doing it in the distance: being able to reach people who would have not had access to it any other way, and make it a global event.

With participants in almost every continent and it being recorded to be streamed in RA MA TV, I am happy to annouce that Zoom Mindful Singing workshops have just started.

And this is how it was advertised. A lovely experience with wonderful participants. I thank the RA MA institute for this occasion.

Primal Singing - Grouding Sound with Maria Soriano

New Moon in Cancer 2021

There is an ancient yogic science skill called Vak Siddhi - the Power of Speech. Sound has the capacity to form space and time in unique ways in order to make things that we’re unmanifested into reality. This power is the essential teaching behind “in the beginning was the word.”

Further to the importance of your own sound current is that your voice has one hundred times the capacity to change your consciousness than any other sound on the planet. So, are you ready for the sound of your real voice?

Coming up in Aquarian Women's Leadership Society Symposium Day, join us for LIVE group training with voice teacher and communicator Maria Soriano. Together, we’ll practice sustained notes, primal singing, connecting to the breath, your natural sound and bringing your thoughts and dreams into reality through the power of your voice.

Log on at your local time below:

Sound is Reality with Maria Soriano

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