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Delighted to announce a big change

I'm thrilled to let you know that I'm back in the Cultural Management world, as I will be starting a new job at the Hampshire Cultural Trust West End Centre. It's been two years since I worked for the British Red Cross during the pandemic lockdowns and after, a humanitarian experience I'll never forget. I've grown stronger, more understanding of health and how the NHS works, and I must say that working with the British Red Cross and learning their values has been an unforgettable learning experience.

My passion for community building and supporting others has grown stronger thanks to amazing colleagues and managers, and I'll always be proud of what we accomplished even during the toughest times. I can only be thankful.

I am also grateful to Hampshire Cultural Trust and the West End Centre for having me, and I am looking forward to being fully re-integrated into the world of Arts and Culture, keeping in mind its healing and wellness aspects. I am more focused than ever before.

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