Speak Out

This online course provides with tools and practical activities for noticing your boundaries and getting others to respect them. 

The workshop is centred on the concept of Verbal Self Defense and integrated with expression and body language in a natural way.

This means that it won't be a collection of tips and tricks in order to gain an argument, but a very useful method on how to defend yourself from verbal attacks and harrasment, that becomes a part of your communication style and way to teach others how to treat you.


It is structured in three session of two hours each, that can be delivered via Zoom or Teams to a group. Having a group to practice with and to support you that you can share your progress with is a great asses in the development of Verbal Self Defense.

Topics and practices are:

  • Body awareness and centering breathing

  • Detecting when a verbal attack has happened

  • Understanding attack

  • Development of response

  • How to not be left frozen with nothing you can say

  • How to not let an argument escalate

  • Breaking the cycle of verbal abuse

  • Dealing with ambiguity in  language during an attack

  • Backhanded compliments and micro agression

  • Being put in the spot when the attacker is in a position of power over us

  • Practice 1:1 and in the group

Contact me for any more details and for a free introductory session.

It should also be possible the deliver the workshops in person in 2 sessions when circumstances allow.