Originally from Spain, I graduated in History in Madrid, and studied voice in London and Madrid with a postgraduate diploma in teaching Secondary Education. I dedicated the first years of my career to Early Music, as a singer of repertoire from the medieval to Romanticism with various ensembles in National and International Music Festivals.

In 2006 I got in touch with Primal Singing, a way to connect without words with your body and emotions. I have communicated Primal Singing through performance and transmitted it to others inviting it to sing it and supporting them to connect to their desire to unleash their free sound.


I have taught voice  in numerous organisations, with a holistic approach supporting nursing students in their approach to healthcare and the arts. I have been occasional University Lecturer and written proyects that gave structure and policy to Arts and Health proyects.

I have been the director of the CIC Singing4Health, delivering Singing for Health and Wellbeing workshops, Mindful Singing sessions and Wheel of the Year Workshops. Also active in teaching Primal Singing and Improvisation Internationally.

I am founding member of the Music, Spirituality and Welbeing International Network led by the Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman, with the aim to explore in the arts set in contexts that can be seen to include a spiritual dimension, however this is defined (educational, performance, ritual and healing contexts).

My interest in women's freedom and personal growth led me to train in verbal self defense and communication, and I have delivered workshops in Verbal Self Defence and Boundary Setting, for women and also for workshop leaders of any gender, as well as verbal embodied communication sessions of various kinds.


I believe that voice is not just to make pretty sounds, but to allow us to say what we want and express our needs, to highlight what needs change and to aim for things better. I currently make use of my voice as radio host, radio converser as well as stream my own music and interesting music from a variety of musicians from all over the globe, to make a point.

Exploring the creative performer and the relationship between health and the arts is important to me and a big part of my work.