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Principles of Connection



Self Awareness

Attention on the other

You find how interesting people can be. Curiosity.

People are more friendly to you.

You no longer need approval from others

Yo no longer feel anxious in new social situations

You learn to "feel" when is your turn to jump in

You can give honest feedback

You can face your errors and not punish yourself for them

People approach you

There is not a "one fits all" solutions, but you get a set of skills, a toolbox to develop in your own personal way, so you improve your relationships and social intuition. 

Connect to whom?

You may want to connect to your audience, people, clients, love...

Receiving as a way to connect

People investing on you

Something we don't connect for fear of being aboused or having our boundaries pushed

Timer. HOw long I was ... attention?

What to do when book

Curiosity for others

Learnt to find a space in a conversation. Body awareness

Connect to body. (Excersices)

Validity of touch - Boundaries

Take time excersise - take time in the interaction


Explore your vulnerability and share something with others

Accepting that not everyone likes us

Explore you own boundaries

What is disconnection and what makes us disconnect? - fear of aggrassion, absourved in our own thoughts...

Separate what you want to receive from what you don't want to take

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